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The slide rule on a tube
Monarch set the price
Rema a remade Odhner
Marchant calculators: From pinwheel to SCM
Extensive museum exhibit in former England hospital
The right 'stuff' displays computer history
Darryl Rehr, the past editor of ETCetera and an antique office expert, on The History Channel
Log this: the slide rule's an antique
Typewriter Collectors Convention 2000
Watching milk-measuring calibration sparks interest
Antique Telephone Counted Among Office Fixtures
South African's collection includes The Millionaire calculator, Thacher slide rule
Beck Speedograph: What do you know about this duplicator?
Telautograph Forerunner to Modern Fax
The Photocopier: First Image from Moss, Sulfur and a Handkerchief Rubbing
German Devotes Virtual Museum to Teleprinters
Chicago Typewriter Owned by Shipbuilder
Iowan Plots History of Computers
Mimeoscope Shows early 20th-century Technology
Early newsrooms: Light-years from dullsville
Portrait of an Early '50s Newsroom
Ticker Fades With Teletype, Hot Type
Typex Encourages Value for Historical Significance
Antique Typewriters Harvested Near Colonial Birthplace
'Mr. Calculator' is Guru of Collecting Electronic Calculators
Old Cash Registers Can Make New Registers Ring
Snake Winds Past Hometown of Calculator Collector
Some Typewriters Had a 'Colorful' History
Comptometer: Macaroni Box Calculator
Typewriters Have Rich History 'Over There' in World War I
New Yorker Displays Antique Typewriters on Internet Site
Dictation Machines: From Wax to Wire, Belt to Digital
Cash Register Legacy From Father
Typewriter Collection Includes First Models
Antiques on the Road
Tiny Calculator is of European Homage
Rarity Best Describes Antique Value
It's the Machine Dictators Love
Commodore 64 Part of Florida Collection
If You Collect These, You Might Get a Ribbon

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