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When Asay Publishing Network acquired The Copier Network from Dan Stevens in 1999, the Internet website was built for technicians to exchange information about copiers, with some traffic in printers, faxes, and other office machines.

Roger Asay also purchased The Printer Network domain, knowing that in a matter of time this website would be activated as an outgrowth of the original copier network.

Over the past five years, the printer entries have multiplied until they have become sufficient for a stand-alone forum network.

The Printer Network is now being activated in Summer 2004 as a community for industry professionals. It is a site for the exchange of information on technical questions dealing with printers, including large/wide-format, and for technicians to help each other find solutions.

Moderated forums and membership-only posting privileges are current features.

This new site also offers a place for discussion of individual manufacturers as well as a forum for end-users, The Business Side, and off-topic conversations.

Asay encourages forum members to become familiar with the categories and topics to be able to post in the correct place. And, as always, suggestions or comments about The Printer Network are welcomed.

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