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03-06-2006 @ 10:09 AM                          
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First of all, thank you for letting me join your forum. I've always liked desks, bye them for the heck of it since I was 16.  Give them away just as quickly (to store for me).  I now have 4 that are "mine".
One is an old desk I got from the basement of an old office building.  I use it for Fly tying (fishing).  The left side has a typewriter shelf attached to 2 heavy duty springs.  Right side has 4 drawers and one more in the center.  Typical size large desk.  No markings that I have found.  
Next one is one that has a top that flips up and raises another shelf which I believe is suppose to be for a typewriter.  Again, no markings that I can see.
The third one is just a typical desk, nothing fancy.
But the forth one makes me curious.  It's marked "Member Wood Office Furniture Institute", but I don't see any other markings. Beautiful desk with a very wide center drawer.  
If anyone can tell me anything about these it would be wonderful.  I know I haven't given you much information, so tell me what you need to know to help me and maybe I'm just not good at loking for marks, is there a typical place to look?

Thank you for any help, and I look forward to being a part of your forum.

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