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01-15-2008 @ 9:22 PM                          
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Hi all

My Father-in-Law has a Gestetner 160 which he is thinking of getting rid of. Unfortuanately he has no idea if it is actually worth something or just trash. It is in good working order althought it has not been used since he last used it in the early/mid 90's. He also has the original metal cabinet & manuals, as well as unopened ink & stencils. He has owned it for about 40 years & tells me that it dates back to about the 30's - 40's (He thinks)

Any information that I can p*ss on would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

09-27-2008 @ 1:34 AM                          
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Have you found a home for this machine yet?  I don't know that I can take it, but I might purchase ink, stencils, etc.  Thanks.

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