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Typewriter Collectors Convention 2000

By Tony Casillo

On June 15th - 18, 2000, there will be an international meeting of typewriter collectors in Philadelphia, Pa., called "Typewriter Collectors Convention 2000."

The idea for a meeting was introduced on one of the typewriter e-mail lists back in November and because of the overwhelming response, I decided to take on the task of assembling it myself. After all, there hasn't been a national meeting of our collector group in over seven years.

At the time of this writing there are over 35 registered attendees, some coming from as far away as Brazil, Australia and the Netherlands, and the list is growing quickly, mostly from the internet community of collectors. My intention with this letter is to spread the news beyond this core group and into the hands of those who may not be "plugged in" to the Internet e-mail lists for typewriter collectors. So, with that in mind, I will mention some of the highlights of our meeting as well as point those collectors, who are interested in attending, in the right direction.

The convention has an Internet Web Site that lists all of the details of the meeting as well as a printable registration form, for those wishing to attend. In addition to the schedule of events listed on our Internet site, we are also encouraging buying, selling and trading from hotel rooms as well as a planned auction.

The centerpiece of our auction will be memorabilia from the 30-year ephemera collection of Paul Lippman. This is the first time this material will be publicly displayed and offered for sale. A real treat! For those who didn't know Paul Lippman, he is best known as the author of American Typewriters, a Collector's Encyclopedia. Paul began collecting typewriters in the 1960s (the typewriters have long since been sold) and also collected a great deal of typewriter ephemera including many rare operators manuals, letterheads, postcards, early typewriter advertisements, original early typewriter documents, advertising artifacts and more... too much to mention in one letter. This material was the basis for his book and offers a lifetime of collecting efforts.

A collector may never see this caliber of typewriter ephemera in one place again! We will also have some typewriters included in the auction. One rarity is a Williams Junior! There will be more typewriters announced in the coming weeks. If you will be attending and would like to consign a machine for auction, please contact me as early as possible.

One event that will have you "buckling up your seat belt" will be a 1930s-style "Speed Typing Contest". This is being organized according to the official rules of the typing contests and already has a number of contestants.

Another exciting event planned for the meeting is a visit to Tom Russo's Office Equipment Museum in nearby Wilmington, Del. Tom's collection is one of the premier collections of office equipment in the US, a real treat to see. If your are looking to add some additional antique hunting to your visit, early admission to the world famous Kutstown Extravaganza will take place on the Thursday following the convention and is only a short drive from Philadelphia. You will already be in the heart of Pennsylvania antique country.

Our itinerary is still developing, there will be surprise announcements along the way, but, I hope what you've read here will wet your appetite and entice you to attend. You'll have the opportunity to meet and make new friends as well as rekindle old friendships. If you need more information, please contact me at 516-489-8300 during business hours or send e-mail to:

Thank you and I'm looking forward to seeing you in June.

Best regards,
Tony Casillo

Web site:
General information - Typewriter Collectors Convention 2000
Registration form (click here).

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