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Darryl Rehr, the past editor of ETCetera and an antique office expert, on The History Channel

Darryl, Rehr, past editor of ETCetera, who has been a contributor to Yesterday's Office, will be part of a program on The History Channel Wednesday, March 15.

Check local listings for the time to view the interview with Rehr on the segment on telephones and typewriters in the program, "Office Wonders," on The History Channel.

Rehr, an expert and collector of antique equipment, has written about dictation machines for Yesterday's Office in "It's the Machine Dictators Love."

Rehr is a professional journalist, author and television producer from Los Angeles who has been an avid collector of antique typewriters and has written extensively on the history of office technology. Rehr collects, typewriters, ribbon tins and calculators. He is the past editor of ETCetera, the Journal of the Early Typewriter Collectors Association, and has numerous Web sites devoted to collecting antique typewriters and associated items.

Rehr's book, Antique Typewriters and Office Collectibles, was released in 1997. It is a comprehensive book with over 340 color photo illustrations.

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