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By Julie Harrison

Nashville - For the first time, Yesterday's Office went on the road. As part of the EBTA show in Nashville, the Yesterday's Office booth highlighted several pieces of antique office machinery, past articles from RS&R News and old advertisements for various equipment.

Typewriters, adding machines, check writers and more were put up for silent auction to raise money for the BTA education fund. From the auction, $250 will be donated to BTA.

Jay Respler, an antique typewriter collector and owner of Advanced Business Machines Company in Freehold, N.J., was on hand to discuss the models for auction and to offer information on antique office equipment. (See story on Respler's collection.)

Respler, has on display at his shop a Sholes and Glidden. The S&G was the first typewriter ever manufactured.

The typewriters on display at the booth included an Oliver and a Remington. The Oliver is distinquished by its odd shape and the U-shaped typebar hovering over the platen.

The Remington was a typical model and was manufactured by one of the leaders in the industry.

The Yesterday's Office booth was well attended by show attendees and participants.

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